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Life in the UK

Life in the UK

The Life in the UK test gauges your understanding of UK History and culture. At Slough Tuition Centre we will help prepare you for all parts of the test. We take a unique approach to teaching these topics so that you not only remember the topics but most importantly have a deeper understanding of how you will be tested.

Test Summary

Test Name:
Life in the Uk Test

45 min

Pass MArk:
18 out of 24 (75% or more to pass the test)

Test Centre: 
Choose one of the 5 closest to where you live.

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  • The values and principles of the UK
  • Becoming a permanent citizen
  • Taking the life in the UK test



  • Countries that make up the UK
  • The British constitution
  • The government
  • The UK and international institutions
  • Respecting the law
  • Fundamental principles
  • Your role in the community



  • Early Britain
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Tudors and the Stuarts
  • A global power
  • The 20th century
  • Britain since 1945



  • The UK today
  • Religion
  • Customs and traditions
  • Sports
  • Arts and culture
  • Leisure
  • Places of interest